Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome California travelers!

I'm a travel writer. I have trotted all over the globe, crisscrossed the Western States, and gotten paid to do so. Lucky? Don't I know it! Now I'm focusing on my home state: California. For a writer, this state is the Mother Lode: rich in experiences, beauty, vivid history, and fascinating characters.

I know what you're thinking: "I could be a travel writer, and hike those trails, sip those Cabernets, and rest-test those downy hotel mattresses!" Sure, and I hope you'll add your comments and ideas to my destinations and outings. But make me your backup. I've got years in the business and I've trekked to places you may not have had time to check out. Oh, and I know fun, crazy, interesting travel people, and I'll introduce them along the way.

My goal is to help California travelers. To save you time and research, to help you plan weekend getaways and outings. I do my homework, check things out, and expect value for money. I like my trips to be family-friendly, cost-conscious, creative, and as green as possible. I like good deals and good meals. If you do, too, then check back often! 

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