Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Warm wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving

California, 2008

Wildfires, bank defaults, home foreclosures. It may not be easy this year for Californians to call to mind things for which to be thankful. And yet there are so many:

*The beauty of a wave curling into Zuma Beach.
*The majesty of Half Dome, dusted with snow.
*San Francisco, the shining city on seven hills.
*The vibrant colors of cities like Los Angeles and Sacramento, among the most diverse cities in the world.
*Native wildlife like tule elk, still thriving in select California wildlands.
*The flavors of California's many 'wine countries', from Santa Barbara to Napa and everywhere in between.

We could go on, but there's turkey to be carved, family members to tease, and football games to watch. So here's where you come in. What's on YOUR list this year?

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