Thursday, July 2, 2009

My favorite free fun in California

California is so blessed. Even in this terribly challenging time in the state (we're broke, I hear), there is so much to celebrate about living here. Without even spraining my brain, I can think of ten fun things to do that cost nothing, or next to nothing. What's on my list of favorite things to do?

Well, my favorite spot to take visitors for a hike is the Marin Headlands, just north of San Francisco at the other end of that gorgeous gorge-spanning bridge. Part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, the Headlands never fails to impress them (and me, truth to tell). If there's time, we'll hike up to the top of Hawk Hill, or roam around Rodeo Lagoon, stopping at the beach for a picnic. If we have kids along, we'll stop in at the new Marine Mammal Center in its splendid new hilltop facility, usually filled with rescued seals, sea lions, and hard-working volunteers.

But most often, we just pull off into a viewing point, stand there slack-jawed and snap pix.
California. Gotta love it! What's you're fave free fun? Leave me a comment!

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Pettit Gilwee said...

My vote is to get outdoors - wherever you are in California - it's free. In North Lake Tahoe, take the 15-minute hike up to Eagle Rock. Park along Highway 89 (just south of Barker Pass) and follow the trail. Some of the best views of Lake Tahoe.

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