Thursday, August 27, 2009

White shark on display in Monterey

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has done it again. For the fifth time, the Aquarium has put a great white shark on display, giving visitors a chance to see this fearsome predator up close. The shark was collected August 12 near Malibu, California, and placed in the million-gallon Outer Bay exhibit on August 26.

The Aquarium's first shark was on display for 6 ½ months; the second, for 4 ½ months; third, for 5 months; and fourth, for 11 days. The happy ending: all were successfully returned to the wild. But you never know how long it'll be there. So grab the family (kids go bonkers for sharks) this weekend and take them to check this puppy out while its on display.

Details: Get Aquarium tickets in advance by clicking here. For info on lodging and dining in Monterey, contact the Monterey CVB.

CAPTION: Female juvenile white shark in the Outer Bay tank (above). The three-story living Kelp Forest (right), the centerpiece of the Oceans Edge galleries at the aquarium.

PHOTO CREDIT: shark photo: © Monterey Bay Aquarium/Randy White; Kelp tank: © Monterey Bay Aquarium

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