Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fun pix for kids

A great egret wades in a lake near Karpavichi, Belarus; a cannibalistic praying mantis is shown in Los Angeles; an Australian crested pigeon is pictured, along with a note on the pigeons' secret way of alerting fellow birds to predators – a "whistle" emitted by flapping their wings when it takes off in alarm.

These are the photos you can see on an amazing website I discovered recently, that's a project of the Guardian newspaper, published in the United Kingdom. It struck me, as I scrolled through the pix, that this was a fabulous teaching tool for parents with little ones, anyone who is involved in home schooling, or anyone who loves animals.

Besides looking at pretty pictures, there are sections on Conservation & Wildlife, World News of animals, and Science & Zoology. There's also a series titled This week in wildlife.

Details: click here for the site. It's a free, fun "outing" to see critters, without leaving home.

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