Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Top choice for a fall visit: San Francisco

Just heard about some annual travel-search data put out by by one of those 'cheap flights' comparison sites, an outfit called Skyscanner. I've never used them, but their press release revealed the most popular destinations for US travelers and the best time to avoid crowds. What I thought was funny was that they call folks who travel a lot "Power Travelers" (aka PTs), which makes some of my family members very powerful indeed (cousin John, are you listening?). And of course, savvy PTs know that the best time to visit a popular destination is in the “off season” when there are fewer crowds. (So I guess they publish all this info on the best times to visit popular destinations for us non-power- travelers, who don't know when the off-season is for these places. I think my feelings are hurt!)

Jonesing for a little sun, sand, surf, and a last-of-summer blast? Check out Honolulu. SkyScanner says it's the seventh most popular destination in the spring, but then by summer it falls to 11th most popular. Translation: the number of tourists drop, too. How come? Lots of factors, but one theory is that we folks in the lower 48 don't need a warm weather haven like Hawaii in summer as much as we do in winter. So summer's the time to look for bargains in flights and hotels in Aloha-land.

Anyway, I was kinda surprised to read that fall is their idea of off-season for San Francisco, since as a local, I've always known that's when SF gets it best weather. But in terms of flight site searches, SF drops
from ninth most popular destination in summer to 17th in the fall. However, what the PTs know (and even some non-PTs), its that weather-wise, fall is San Francisco's best of all seasons: the fog disappears, and days are warm and sunny, with a hint of bay breeze to keep things comfy. So check out the city by the bay in September for good airfare, hotel and restaurant deals in fall. And don't forget to pick up a sourdough baguette!


El Cid Vacation said...

it's so frickin cold at the golden gate bridgeee!! brrr!! but it's so worth it

country girl said...

Hi Lora:

I met you at the Tomato Dinner last night. My blog is

I'm going to send Joanne Neft an e-mail about you. Let me know if you meet her today.

budget accommodation said...

Fall is a beautiful period to visit SF, although it's quite chilli. I like NY in fall...central park has lovely colors.


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