Thursday, November 29, 2012

SoCal's Spa for everyone

Want to take off (or prevent) some of those holiday pounds? Spas have evolved to include something for everyone. The Oaks at Ojai, one of the first value-based destination spas in the country, opened 35 years ago, is truly one of the only weight loss spas in the country today. Guests lose an average of 3.5 pounds per week. While some spas claim to promote weight loss, those that offer options like all you can eat buffets and alcohol with meals kinda defeats the weight-loss purpose! 
Details: Now through December 24, 2012: HALF PRICE ROOMMATES: Bring a friend for a 3 night stay (or longer) at The Oaks and they will receive a 50% discount for sharing your room.   Rates start at $199 per person/per night and include accommodations, three flavorful, calorie conscious spa cuisine meals, choice of 15 fitness classes and evening seminars. Visit or call 800.753.OAKS (6257).

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