Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Let the corks pop for Obama's Presidential Inauguration

Champagne is made to celebrate life’s big events and there is no bigger American event this January than the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama (Jan. 20). But what drink should you use to toast the event (or this coming New Year's)? Try one champagne that’s been featured in each of the six past Presidential Inaugurations (since 1985’s Reagan Inaugural): Sonoma County’s own Korbel. 

At the past six inaugurations, Korbel Russian River Valley Natural Champagne  has been served at the Congressional luncheon following the swearing-in ceremony at the capitol and at later balls and galas surrounding the inauguration. At our press time, Korbel Vineyards is waiting to hear if Korbel will continue its streak and be served at the Obama Inaugural (the official announcement comes next week). If the brand is so honored, their champagne bottles will wear a presidential inaugural seal on their foil neckbands (see photo of a past inaugural bottle).

Established in 1882, Korbel Champagne Cellars is one of Sonoma County’s most venerable institutions. Not surprisingly, Korbel is one of the top-selling premium methode champenoise-produced champagnes in America. This methode (the traditional French way of making champagne) is the process that the company has used for its more than 120 years of champagne making. It’s time consuming, but turns out the best bubbly (and the tiniest bubbles-the mark of a good sparkling wine). 

So if you're planning your own inaugural bash, you might pick up a bottle of one drink our next president may be toasted with: Korbel Russian River Valley Natural Champagne ($14.99 suggested retail); it’s sold at major chains. 

Or better yet, pay a visit to Korbel Vineyards' Russian River Valley site. Take a tour, learn the story of the founding family, and taste the latest vintages (including their still wines, most of which are sold nowhere else). Tours are given hourly from 10-3 in winter (more often in summer). They’re on 13250 River Road in Guerneville; 707/824-7000. For more travel info, go to Sonoma County Tourism.

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david crawford said...

i am looking for a bottle of the inaugural bash kobel wine made for obama's party. korbel said this is the first time in years that the inaugural bash bottle is not on the market for sale this is the first time in the life of them doing it that the inaugural bash kobel cant he got! where can i fine one for my set?

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