Thursday, January 15, 2009

6 ways to save our environment

Just got some exciting news from the National Parks and Conservation Association (NPCA). The economic recovery package proposed by the House Democratic leadership today contains "$2.25 billion for job-creating, ready-to-go projects in America’s national parks", plus more for roads and transportation. The numbers are awesome: $1.7 billion for pre-approved construction projects, $100 million for the National Park Centennial Challenge public-private matching grant program, and $200 million for restoration of the National Mall. The NPCA says that these national park investments could create some 50,000 jobs and help parks and projects all over the country, including, possibly, California’s Death Valley National Park.

There's another interesting idea on the table: the creation of a new National Park Service Corps. You don’t have to have lived in the era of the 1930s’ CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) to have enjoyed the lasting benefits of such public works programs can have on the improvement of our parks and natural resources. If you have visited a national park, chances are you’ve enjoyed a trail, road, stone bridge, or even a landmark hotel (like Oregon’s Timberline Lodge) that resulted from CCC work. Could we do something similar today, with a 21st Century CCC?

What can you do? Six clicks will help to learn more and lead your actions. Check out these websites: NPCA, Audubon Society, Wilderness Society, Defenders of Wildlife, or click here. Or write a letter to the editor of your local paper using this link.

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lflarson said...

Hi Laura!

Mike and I are volunteering at Bryce Canyon National Park for the month of September. We're Mike will be pointing to the stars as a park guide and I'll be pointing out birds, geological formations and other natural wonders. so excited!

Others can sign up too. There's a nifty website with lots and lots of different opportunities.

Cheers, Leslie

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