Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sonoma lodging deal with a twist

I love MacArthur Place, a luxurious 64-room hotel and spa a few blocks from Sonoma Plaza. With its garden spa, earth tone hues, and rustic/elegant cabana suites, it always feels like a mini Tuscan vacation. But I can’t always afford it. 

Right now, however, to coincide with the Olive Festival they’re offering an Olive Fest Package through February 12. The deal starts at $199 per night midweek or $249 per night on weekends and includes welcome martinis and $25 off an Olive Oil Body Polish at the Spa. Considering their regular rates start at $349/$399 weekends, it’s a fairly good deal. Call 800/ 722-1866  or click here.

For more lodging and dining info, contact the Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau. Oh, and, don't forget to ask for an olive in your martini.

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