Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cool deals at Yosemite

How low can it go? At Yosemite National Park, a fun new deal spells it out. We're talking about midweek winter rates for an unheated cabin at scenic Curry Village, and the "Temp-RATE-ture" special: guests receive a reduced rate in an unheated tent cabin based on the previous night's recorded low. So if the temperature is 17 degrees, the guest pays $17 per night; if the Fahrenheit falls below zero, the guest is paid the difference to stay overnight. Now THAT's a deal!

“This is a really fun way to get that word out that the pristine winter season is a beautiful reason to visit Yosemite,” said Curry Village General Manager Brett Archer.
It'll cost $39 to book your reservation, and there are some blackout dates. Then, your rate will be determined by the previous night's low. Sure, it's bound to get cold, but bundle up and enjoy bargain rates for some of the world's best real estate—Curry Village in Yosemite Valley; your cabin will be below Glacier Point, with a spectacular view of Half Dome and easy access to valley hiking trails.

How cold will it get? Check it out yourself, using the model they'll use to figure your rates. The low temperature is determined based on the National Park Service data collected at http://cdec.water.ca.gov/cgi-progs/queryF?YYV (once there, click on the Daily YYV Data at the lower right).

Yosemite in winter can be truly magical: frozen Yosemite Falls, ice patterns on Half Dome's grey granite walls, and summer-shy wildlife venturing into meadows.

Details: Call the Yosemite Central Reservations at 801/559-4949 or click here.


s said...

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