Thursday, January 15, 2009

Inaugural party ideas

How to celebrate the big event with the kids? The Borders Bookstore in Palo Alto has a special party for kids (Sat. Jan. 17, 2 PM). Choose art activities, a scavenger hunt, games, and a special Oath of Office ceremony. It's at 456 University Ave.

My friend Mike, in Santa Cruz, sends this idea: 
Next Tuesday morning, most us us will jam into one living room for an "indoor block party." Our hosts, both of whom are internationally recognized experts in education, don't own a TV. Instead, they'll project a wall-sized show from the web using a digital projector. It's BYOCP (Bring Your Own Coffee and Pastries). The idea just hatched this morning. We're looking forward to a great morning for our neighborhood--and our country.
You go, Mike!

Free NorCal events on Jan. 20:
Berkeley: make a beeline for UC Berkeley's Sproul Plaza at 7:30 AM to watch the event on their giant screen (fitting, since a UC Berkeley economist is set for a major role in the Obama administration).
Oakland: Oracle Arena serves up a big community bash ($5), complete with big screen TVs, starting at 7:00 AM.
San Jose: the San Jose Mercury News listed a raft of Inaugural events in the South Bay. For a list, click on their link.
San Francisco: hop on BART to the Civic Center stop and head for the plaza (Grove and McAllister streets) for a live simulcast on several screens. And while you're there, pop into the Asian Art Museum nearby.

A number of libraries are also hosting Inauguration-watching events (check locally) including the Burlingame Public Library, 480 Primrose Rd.,which starts its big-screen showing at 8 AM in the Lane Community Room. For more events, check out Celebrate responsibly.

Have a party idea to share? Post a comment with your ideas.

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